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Industrial Wiring & Control Systems


It can be as simple as installing an off delay for a ventilation fan so it keeps running for a few minutes after you leave the room, or as complex as full process control using PLCs (programmable logic controllers) where, for example, grain tanks are kept full to the correct level, a feed mill is started and stopped automatically, and grain handling systems run with the mill to transport the grain to further storage tanks.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Starting and Stopping Motors

Controlling Conveyors

Motion Control, and More

And this can all be controlled with push buttons, touch screens or even from your smartphone when you are in your living room or on the other side of the world! The sky is the limit with this stuff! Whatever task you do manually can be automated.

Contact us with your unique automation requirements and we will design and install a fully integrated system for you. We do our PLC Programming in house/ on site so you always get a system that is perfectly matched to your specific operation.


And do your part to help the environment. Stop pouring money down the drain and carbon into the environment.

  • We are VERY happy with our solar panels. As a matter of fact we were tossing around the idea of adding a few more.

    -Cindy Shipp, Client Testimonial

  • I contacted two other companies to get a quote for solar panels and Pineland came to my house and showed me the panels they were going to use and explained what they would do even before I hired them. They did a professional job and I am very pleased with the service that they provided. I highly recommend them.

    - Jack Skafte, Client Testimonial

  • We were very impressed with how professional Doug Penner and his team were. Doug patiently walked us through the planning and took the lead on the permit, approval process responding to all of our questions and concerns. The team worked well together and as such were efficient, good communicators, and respectful of the need for social distancing. Highly recommend Pineland Electric for solar installations.

    - Sheila Munro, Client Testimonial


Become technologically advanced, independent from utility rate increases, and environmentally responsible.

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